Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today we submit to court!

You must forgive the sporadic updates, and lack of video. It is a sketchy connection on a good day and I spend more time logging on than I do writing. With that out of the way, I have a few minutes before my bathroom turn and wanted to update some pictures of Marina's current home and also we finally got to play on the playground out side. It had rained and was really really grey, not like a rainy grey but blended with smog or something that made it almost dark outside so I wondered that we would ever get out of playing in the lobby of the orphanage and getting onto that cool little playground. Then yesterday afternoon a warm wind blew a bit of sunshine through and suggested that outside would welcome us after all:) We were originally given the hours of 9-12 and 4-6 for visiting but they soon asked if we could come at 10:30 in the am instead since Marina has speech and snack and likes those very much:) of course we complied so we are not killing ourselves trying to get out the door in the morning now. Between visits yesterday we went to the "wally-mall", the giant megastore that makes every mall in America look crummy, and went to the famed Mcdonalds where you can indeed get raspberry pie instead of apple. Evan was delirious as their happy meals do indeed have toys. We then went to ELC, the kids store educational learning center. Marina has blown past anything I brought to entertain her. She works puzzles and threads beads with precision. The doctor at the orphanage conveyed that only Marina's speech is delayed and everything else is on a typical track. This I believe. Marina was much more warmed up to me yesterday and chose my lap and my help on the puzzle, though I have no idea what the difference was. She did fuss at Tully for trying to help her and her independence is commendable. I cannot say enough that this is the orphanage of dreams. The children are loved and well taken care of. For Marina it would have been the dream before the nightmare had someone not come for her.
Yesterday a major hurdle was cleared for us, the social worker has given us her approval. Today we all trudge to the judge and face another unknown adventure. We will be finished early Marina (facilitator) thinks but we will then go straight to the orphanage for our morning visit. We are unable to add another child to our journey at this time for various reasons so to say I am disappointed would be an understatement. It would have been so much easier to go through this jealousy thing with Evan one time and I feel that we will never have this chance again. I can say so much more but there is no point and we will focus on Marina and Evan and not those left behind.
The picture of the double doors and blue building is Marina's orphanage. I sure wish I could upload a video because her laughter is precious and she was sure generous with it on the play ground! She and Evan do really really well on the playground and they are getting more on balance with each other Evan is enjoying her more and realizes two on a see saw sure work better! Will post more when the internet is agreeable.


  1. That is the orphanage we stopped at to drop off a toy Marine and Serge bought for the kids! You are much closer to the city than we were...lucky you! And that orphanage looked amazing and I remember Marina saying it was a "nice orphanage". Cathy she is beautiful!!!! Prayers you can run out of that place safely with your sweet love in your arms forever!

  2. I have been following your story so happy for you guys! She is adorable

  3. What a great post! Marina is adorable, and it's wonderful to read that she's doing so well and has been very well-cared-for - no doubt those two are closely related. She looks like such a happy little girl.

    I hope things continue to go smoothly and quickly, so you'll be home with your newest darling soon. Tell Evan the "horse lady" says hello!

    Susan in Ky

  4. P.S. How neat to see those Marina bracelets on your wrist with the real Marina next to you!
    What a dream come true...

    Susan, again

  5. P.P.S.! ...And a rainbow over the orphanage door. What could be a more perfect sign??

    Susan in Ky, yet again...

  6. I think she really does look like you :) She sure is cute and sounds like one aswesome little girl.I was sorry to hear your disappointing news and still praying that you'll be able to leave there soon WITH Marina.

  7. Marina is so beautiful :o) Praying that all the paperwork and legalities will be sorted out asap so you can bring her home with you :o)

    love, Nigel XXX

  8. It does my heart good to see you with your little sweetie AT LAST!
    What a journey you have been glad to see that smile on your face.

    She is such a treasure. Just looks like pure joy and sweetness.

    I'm SO glad you stood strong through the trials and kept the faith. Even when you didn't want to anymore.


  9. she is so beautiful and I am SO happy to hear how good she is doing!!!
    So sorry about another child, but so happy that you were able to get to marina before she was transferred :) :)
    mcd's should have wifi too, maybe that will allow you to upload a video of your KIDS :) :):) SWEET!!!!

  10. SHE IS SUCH A BEAUTY! she looks like she will fit right into your family so well =) you have hung in there so well. God must be so proud!