Thursday, October 14, 2010

The rest of the photos I was uploading yesterday...

This is at the pizza place that Evan found. Not only could he locate a big toy store but found his way into a pizza shop that had english subtitles on the menu. What a superior scout he is! He & my mom hamming it up for food:) Later at TGIF he met a precious little girl and they hit it off despite language barriers. Give two kids each a balloon and language becomes secondary to just having fun! And finally, walking home from TGIF at night. I forget how beautiful city lights are....we missed dinner because we did not know what time everyone was meeting and I missed it by a country mile. The other families met at 5:30. I think we had just about finished lunch by then. Perhaps we can try again at the end of the trip and meet fams coming in!


  1. Then WE will be the ones with all of the in-country experience and new kiddos to show off! :)

  2. It looks like you're enjoying yourselves! Evan especially looks like he's having fun! Based on your bottom photo, I wonder if you're in the same apartment we were in (is it in the building with the lion and funky tree in front?)

  3. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see that baby girl!