Friday, October 15, 2010

Kiev Day 4!

Ok for all you who are worried about us, the general concensus here is that Kiev is really cool. The city is quaint and charming and has a certain air of posh and beauty that is not familiar to me in America. It is not better, but maybe different in a really good way. Maybe we expected the worst and I think it is way better than what i expected. We feel safe and enjoy the challenge of making our way around in survival mode. I am sure we amuse the people at the deli, they no longer are rolling their eyes at us but trying to help us. Yes, in 4 days we have come a long way. Today we received our referral paperwork and leave Kiev on Sunday 7 a.m. and head to Dnipropetrovsk. You can google that city but I recommend cut and paste rather than spelling it yourself. We bought a second phone today for mom so we could communicate when we are not all together. It was a whole 40 bucks and I think money well spent. Anyhow the photos are of various things we do around the city. Alot of the stores say no cameras so we abide the best we can. Tully is doing laundry and we just had a great dinner in this evening. Evan is playing Legos and Mom is cleaning and rearranging the apartment...who is surprised?? yeah, no one. So we are having a nice relaxing night in....ask any questions if you have any. Like "does the hair clippers blow up when you plug them in with a converter...? answer "most definitely". We will meet Marina Monday afternoon. It seems so amazing to us. We all are very very excited! Pray for our dreams to be real.


  1. You got a picture of Serge in the background!! Cool.... I didn't pay attention to the 'no camera' in the store sign and got in trouble... oops... no camera's in malls either...especially not at water fountains... or in front of important looking buildings... or in McDonald's... or in the entire village of Ananiev if you know what is good for you...also- don't take pictures at a gas station because you may be taking something important. You may also get in trouble at an ice cream store (at least your son will) because there are secrets there too(apparently). And at the place where your child is... well - PUT THAT CAMERA AWAY!!! LOL! (These are ALL the places I got in trouble!) In case you wondered... I got in trouble A LOT!

  2. Marina on Monday!! Ohmygoodness, that just sounds magical, marvelous, meant-to-be and a whole bunch of other great adjectives. I am so happy for all of you.

    Glad you're enjoying Kiev, cameras or no cameras!

    And yes, I passed another sign that read "Marina" today. It pointed to the lake, not a little girl, but I took it to be significant!

    Elated for you...

    Susan in Ky