Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick update

This will be short because I am running way behind today but I wanted to update to let those of you praying know that we had our home study update visit at 8 am on Sunday morning this past week. Immigration (USCIS) here in the united states no longer accepts addendums nor are they located in each state anymore, they have been centralized (socialized???) and the result is a full blown home study update with new police background clearances, referrals, home visit, etc. We are waiting for it to be written up and approved again but not sure by whom it needs to be approved by, then there is another family traveling to Ukraine this weekend who will take it if I can get it to them on time. I do not know what all is involved with an home study update other than another 400.00 (before shipping haha) but will pray that it is done soon so I can take it to Columbia to get it apostilled and sent to Tennessee on time to make the plane. I can't imagine anything else needing to be redone but I could not imagine this either so I just gather what I am told and complete MY tasks in as timely a fashion as I can...I let God worry about everyone else. Thanks for checking on us. Cath


  1. You know we are praying! Just wanted to say it anyway! I ache that this is so hard for you. My heart just aches.

    Please dear Lord - knock over this mountain. Open the highways and the byways - bring streams in the desert and highways in the wilderness. Please allow those who hold those papers to recognize the urgency and sign where they need to be signed and stamp where they need to be stamped. Give grace and peace in the hearts of this family who have struggled so long and so hard. They are weary Lord. The last few years have been an uphill climb. Many tears have been shed. You know the depths of their souls. Grant them rest. Ease their hearts and please, dear Jesus, bring precious Marina home.

  2. Thinking about you my friend and hoping you got everything you needed and it is on its way here.