Thursday, August 26, 2010

Forever becomes suddenly

Suddenly we find ourselves as the family who was submitted today. Our huge dossier was successfully passed to the state department of adoption and we await a travel date now. It is a different kind of waiting...the kind where you know the rollercoaster is locked down and you are in the seat. Not quite any speed yet, but you know in about the next few seconds it will take off, and mess up your hair as hands raised, it is not a place to get back off the rollercoaster. we are not afraid, just filled with anticipation. Giddy new parent anticipation. She is so dang cute! Caylyn is doing the happy dance on a cloud for us I feel sure. It is odd to think how they will be sisters, but not in the same time zone. I would tell Evan today but he will immediately ask me if we leave tomorrow. He asks me that nearly every single day. I am going to go wander around this quiet house and think about all of this now. Pray for us as we journey forth. It has been exactly 16 months to the day that we committed to Marina. When my dad asked me today what it means that we were submitted, my mom immediately means you have one more christmas present to buy this year:) Pray that nothing goes wrong, nothing goes south and no hearts are broken in any way along this journey. We really are fragile people and at this point need a clean and uneventful trip. No messy stuff. I think I spent all my fierceness in the last 16 months. But you never know. We follow a mighty God and he is forever wandering off the path of safety. Oh lets not even go thinking along those lines!! It is a victory day for sure.


  1. YEAH! Home for the holidays!Congratulations!

  2. Oh CATHY!! I'm absolutely SO thrilled that you finally have some news! I can't wait to follow along your journey to get her! I mean the REST of the journey lol! Oh this is such good news! I'm in tears lol but very happy ones!

    Our prayers go with you, my dear! :D Just know that! :)

  3. So happy for you! You have waited a long time for this moment....I know,it is a great feeling! I pray you will hear your travel date very soon, and we will keep Marina and your family in our prayers!
    the Adamsons

  4. Cathy, I am beyond excited for you!! I am praying for you guys that everything will go smoothly from here as we too know how those lil bumps set you back and boy do they hurt!!!