Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mother's day victories and defeats:)

Hard to believe it has been a full month since I doubled the fun of motherhood! The first week I found myself on the verge of hyperventilation...and that was the calm part of my days! To be honest I was scared to death I had made a crazed horrid mistake and jumped in way over my comfort level....and I had. At least the part about the comfort level. I felt backed into a corner and scared to death.  No one was happy during week one.  I was putting out little fires of unhappiness all over the place.  I had many conversations with God about His voice...and had I done the right thing? Had I heard him correctly? THIS IS REALLY HARD! I groaned.  He said even His own best kids acted up sometimes and He knew how I felt. arguing with God was going to make this better.  But praying did.  And each day has had it's share of victories....and defeats.  Bentley hits Marina....Evan is irritated by Lindsey....Lindsey and Bentley hit each other....Marina and Evan are fighting over the door to his room being shut....or open. Bentley is still in pull ups and seriously I think diapers would be cheaper he goes through these things so fast! We are bribing him silly just to poop in the potty. (sorry, this is a real life story).   But each day gets a little better.  Evan has taken a huge interest in his little brother.  I think it had to do with the fact that the kids told us they had never been to a movie we took them on friday night to see the Lego Movie--which was awesome! (everything is awesome...if you have seen it you get the pun....). I will admit it is difficult to sit through a movie with a kid who has adhd...but we did great and it was a great family journey.  Bentley got up the next morning asking if we could go to the movies again:).

They love church--both churches...and Lindsey said her first "grace" for dinner tonight! She was so excited to have done it! These are not "firsts" you think you will share with someone....but the firsts are surprising.  Lindsey and Marina get the giggles and fall out laughing all over the place some days, and most nights.  But to see Evan give Bentley the name " King Jr.." is really something sweet.  Of course Evan is King Epic or some such thing, and I call Lindsey "Rapunzel", which she thinks is "Brupunzel" and we are often all trying to figure out what Marina is saying though I always tell her in russian that she is beautiful...and she is. They all are.  I cannot believe they are my children.  I am stunned by their beauty and complexity.

 We have two swimming pools now- one small one for the nonswimmers and one big one for those who can swim...and we have a garden that has the cutest fence around it.  It is so cute it qualifies as a pinterest post! The yard is fun, and so inviting! There are two things that level the playing field for this brood--one is the pools and going crazy outside....the other is listening to the Newsboys on the radio about as loud as we can enjoy it. I don't have a lot of time to blog because I am still gripping this big blue ball of earth by my fingernails and keeping a smile on when I can remember.  Adoption is NOTHING like birthing a is infinitely more difficult.  And this is my mother's day:)  Off & Running!

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  1. I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face and a little lump in my throat - everything sounds so real, so tough, and so wonderful. Clearly, your lives are full.

    Your newest additions are beautiful - as are Evan and Marina. Thanks for sharing the good news...

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE