Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lost in translation...

Oh Ms. Marina is coming along so nicely:) She utilizes what she knows, and continues as if it is the gospel...

Marina what are you doing with the Disney Magic wand toy? Why did you break the star off? Oh, it is now an airport scanner...well, who knew you never saw a magic wand in your life? You sure saw a lot of airport scanners though, huh?

Marina, why are you mashing your tongue down with my fingernail file? Oh, that is not a tongue depressor, it just looks the same...sort of. never had your nails done? Only been to the doctor, I see.

Um, Marina, you don't wear contact lenses...

Yes, Marina, you have a boo boo on your knee...why are you looking at me like that? It is called a band aid. Yes, it is pretty weird. Yes it hurts when you jerk it back off. Never saw a band aid before huh?

Marina, that is not a microphone, it is a water hose. Marina, that is not a microphone, that is a part of the badminton net...ok, yes it is. If you can sing that loud with that in your hand, it must be a microphone. I love your song, no one has one quite like you. Carry on Ms. Broadway.

Now I am on the receiving end of the flash cards. Mama?? Whatzis? multiply that question by 97 times...

She passes ladies at church and throws up her short fingered little hands and says HEY!, followed by "BYE!" all in 3 seconds. So friendly:) Out of 40 people in the airline line, she only hugged one man. Turns out he was the father of two adopted boys from Russia...could she have known this somehow?

Marina saw a picture of me holding Caylyn when Cay was maybe 7 months old and she got so excited! "Mama, look! You, Me!" Oh I wish I had been able to hold you as a baby Marina. But I had to wait til you were nearly 6. But if you can erase all that happened along the way and the time without a mama, and you THINK I held you as a baby, that is almost as good. Only remember the good things from before I came....and let go of the things that make you scream at your dolls and beat them with spatulas...and all the behaviors that make me wonder, what was your life like before I came? And what life is like for those in places that do not look like your good school, but maybe more like a baby house that had no patience? I can tell from your confidence that someone was good to you, and I can tell from your backed in the corner stormy dark eyed scared looks, that you encountered those who were not good to you as well. In time you will learn to trust enough to let your defenses down, and you may rest in my arms at night, knowing that no one will hurt you and that your life will be the best it can be, because we love you and work hard to make sure you know. Thank you for coming to our world and keeping us busy with such quality work...loving you and teaching you about all the things that matter. Love is a verb. We will show you. And I am sure that you will show us too, beautiful girl.


  1. "Love is a verb. We will show you." Beautiful, Cass. I can't wait to meet your sweet girl.

  2. Oh, Cathy, this just tears at my heart. Give that sweet girl a big hug for me. I am so thankful that she is yours - and you are hers.


  3. I am so glad that you have your sweet baby girl home where she belongs. This blog entry brings back a lot of similar "firsts" we had when we came home with Abe! The spatula with the toys, the keys as a cell phone, the stick as a broom, not knowing what to do with a stuffed animal...
    I'd encourage you to continue journaling everything. It's healing for you and her in so many ways. You are doing an outstanding job as a mommy, and don't EVER forget it! I think embracing the good with the bad, from the past and from the present is one of the hardest things about being an adoptive parent. But, it's a part of who are children are, and who you will both become. God doesn't make mistakes. Marina may not have lived with you for the past 6 years, but you are her forever mommy, and nothing will ever change that now. I look forward to seeing how the Lord grows your family for His glory. I love your hearts!! Be blessed and encouraged.

  4. Having a sleepover with that precious little thing was so much fun! She is quite intelligent...We'll have to do it again sometime!

  5. Cathy, so many posts before that I have loved, but today may be my all-time favorite! What a writer you are to be able to express this life on paper so well...One just is 'there' when they read what you write...This is your 'calling'..writing...why are you not 'answering'? It is what you love to do, and those are the best 'jobs' in the world! I pray that one day many can read what you write from your heart...you bring laughter, and you bring tears, 'ponderings' and excitement... nothing left out for the avid reader...I love you, my child, Your Mom (I am not anonymous...I just did not know how to post this...lol...your 19th century Mom~~

  6. Hey Mrs.Cathy it's Madelaine.Marina is a hoot!!! I can't wait to meet her.You need to rack up those frequent flier miles!She and Reagan would get along swimmingly.Bye. P.s. Read the blog!!!

  7. Marina is so darling. I told my husband we need to go get us a little darling. He thinks I'm too old. Your Caylyn is so beautiful.