Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marina, the new Ms. Maybelline!

This is just the cutest photo session! Marina was being "quiet" so Tully went in search of her...and she was in the bathroom (probably) being Mini- me. I interject here with the thought that i can draw a straighter line than she can with a lipliner but not by much haha! She had a delightful school valentines party at school friday, just judging by the amount of "stuff" stuck to her leggings and dress! Her sense of humor has blossomed this week and Tully and I were talking last night about how she laughs so much now! She and I usually have several hours to kill each day and we manage to get down right silly so much of the time! But she thinks a ton of things are funny on their own, without me sacrificing dignity to bring her humor! I love that so much about her! What an amazing spirit she has and we are grateful that she is a part of our family. Still creating kitchen masterpieces and that is the best recipe for getting dinner cooked--plop her on the kitchen corner cabinet and let her butter some bread. We have a lot of buttered bread these days for dinner but that simple act allows us to actually have a hot meal most nights. She gets a little over busy when she is hungry and wants to hurry the meal along!
She has been restless at night and wakes up easy and sometimes cries or talks in her sleep. It is time for me to get the courage to haul her (and Evan too) to the dentist soon. I wanted her to like us before we made her mad by introducing that field trip. She got a shot for her MMR update the other day and she did amazingly well. Very brave I might add! Evan came home with a sort of virus yesterday and he evidently was wiped out when he got home, which annoyed Marina that her playmate was down for the count. She did let him sleep for the duration of the day and he is much better today. I am posting a link to a post that was in an english based paper in Ukraine...I want to reiterate that the conditions in this post were not at all what we encountered and just goes to show that as in all countries, ours included, conditions can vary greatly. Please pray for the children of these lesser cared for institutions as they desperately need to be in a family. All children need a family... please see the link as it is posted in my comment section by wordgardener (me). The blogger link never works for some reason...

Happy Valentines Day and may love abound where you are...


  1. opinion/letters/detail/96864

    This is the link to the post--my links NEVER work in blogger, and I forgot that when I posted-hope you can see this is a part of the blog post!

  2. Oooh, Marina looks faaancy! Hopefully she doesn't find scissors and have a go at her hair!! :-)

    I read that article and it just breaks my heart. They are just children!!!

  3. She is soooo cute! I know you are just loving her to pieces :)

  4. Love, love, love your Marina updates! She looks so grown-up in the first photos, and she's clearly just a little sponge when it comes to learning all kinds of things. It's so good to read that she's such a little self-starter, too.

    Did you see the video and article about the young lady with DS who is an assistant Kinder Musik teacher in Columbia, SC? Just amazing - I can see Marina being like her when she's grown.

    I share your concerns re the linked article - wish someone would visit T. and similar places without advance notice to get a clearer picture of what's happening, as the various reports are quite contradictory at present. I pray that conditions will be alieviated.

    Take good care,
    Susan in Ky