Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The girl in the photos...

is NOT Marina! I am sad to say that the updated photos I had posted have been confirmed that it is someone else because that someone else is 120 kilometers from where Marina is residing. So we are back to the babyish photo as our last image of her. The problem is that the new image burns a desire for more information about that child...she is not listed on RR so I do not know anything about her other than where she is and that she does not walk. So other than being totally precious, and wiggling her way into my prayers because I thought she is who we would be bringing home...we know nothing of her. No name no anything. Not even if she is available. Please pray for that little girl to be "discovered" so someone can scoop her right up and bask in the sunshine of that smile!!
Evan and I are taking the day to travel to Columbia and have the papers apostilled while we enjoy the Edventure Museum. Then I can send them to Ukraine tomorrow. Wheee, that makes my tummy flip just considering letting this dossier out of my hands! I want to carry it over there myself just in case....of what I don't know. But just in case. OF course that is a little pricey of a delivery so I will have to immediately scrap that idea....
Posting updates as we move forward...and I bet it gets faster from here on out!! Yeeee Haaa!


  1. Smiles of joy over here for you!! Maybe we will meet on the other side!!

  2. We are THRILLED about the progress and sad this isn't Marina but bet she is just as precious now. She is adorable and maybe your posting will cause some digging and discovery and soemone to decide they just can't do without her.........meanwhile - enjoy each of these really fabulous steps. Evan is going to be a dynamite brother to Marina.