Sunday, January 31, 2010

No real news just wanted to update

We are on the little waiting hamster wheel that goes round and round. I assume it will eventually come loose of the screws and take off for real:) DSS has requested additional paperwork such as more reference letters and some information on what we plan to do with our kiddos if we get taken out of this world early. I also had to get local police clearance which of course was no problem, just a bit inconvenient. Kind of like going to the department of motor vehicles because ya never have the right information on paper the first time ya show up. In the mean time immigration was waiting patiently to assign us a fingerprint appointment in a constantly overbooked list in Charlotte so I finally tracked someone down to say that for the love of pete we would take an appointment in Charleston instead. While this adds an additional 2 hours each way, it is better to have some appointment somewhere rather than no appointment anywhere. I expect to get that actual appointment in the mail this next week along with all the out of state reference letters. I am amazed at how many nurses and doctors relocated since our last hospital stay of March 08. One of the few reasons I love facebook is that the social network transcends all that moving and I can still find folks pretty quickly.

My texas friend and adoptive mama Shelly has sent a little sweater dress with hairbows for Marina for court day and also a wonderful sage color winter coat. I am now ready to get on a plane and put these clothes on that little girl and get on with this program. For so long we have been praying that Marina stay safe and filled with peace, but have recently changed the prayer to hurry up and get us there for her. (keeping her safe in the meantime). Sometimes we just forget what and how to pray I think. I am reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan and it really addresses this prayer issue that we have--like how we recite the same words all the time and ask God to do what he was going to do all the time anyway. Tully and I are both going through this bible study together and it is starting to put God in a much larger perspective. Since we as humans are so finite, it is easy to slot God in there as well, again and again, seeking the sky genie's services. But I know there is more to this than meets the eye and I am always searching for answers regarding the effects of prayer. If I am going to spend the time, I would like to know that it does not sound ridiculous and waste the time using virtual baby talk to the Creator of the Universe.

This has been an icy and snowy weekend. The first sound I was awakened by yesterday morning resembled something out of a war movie as Evan yelled WOOHOOO at the top of his not so little lungs. Followed by the I told you so dance--yes there was snow on the ground. Unfortunately it was very cruncy ice masquerading as fluffy snow...sledding on ice is only fun in one direction and dragging the sled back up the hill was daunting to anyone. Evan has a small abrasion where he skinned his face twice on the ice slipping down. Today we went for a movie instead, finding it to be a safer alternative than ice sledding. Planet 51 was pretty cute and then we went to a little seafood restaurant for sandwiches...upon entering we were faced with the most beautiful wall water fountain. This is the kind of waterfall that penny wishes are made of and Evan separated me from all of my pennies immediately. He only threw one though. When he came to the table he told me he wished for Caylyn to come back and for Marina to get her brother. Who says pennies are not worth much?

I have been promoted at work lately to area supervisor and have also expanded work to cover a couple of hours a week with Family Connection of SC, assisting families with their medicaid questions. This is somewhat hilarious since I probably have more questions than anybody but they swear to train me so we will see how good they really are I suppose.

That is about it for now, the sun is setting and the roads will be icing over again. Be safe and warm. After this weekend I have added thanks to my prayers for Haiti. Thanks that it is not winter as well...

PS the little baby girl Sofia who was our prayer angel at Christmas has gotten a family commitment so she is going home this year. I am very happy about this. I might add that if you click on her warrior button you will be taken to the giving stats for this past Christmas prayer warrior project for Reece's Rainbow. I can't decide which thrills me more, the grant money raised or the families who made commitments. Just check it out and see what impresses you the most!


  1. It WILL all happen, it is just frustrating when it is out of your hands :(
    I so hope things start moving again for you!!
    Love the penny story!! So Cute.

  2. sending hugs to you my fellow mama in the waiting! Thanks for stoppin by my blog1 :) The auction is set to end March 1st. I am PRAYING for Much MORE INTEREST before then!

    Big hugs,