Wednesday, August 19, 2009

time line

For what has felt like a long stagnant season of moments that did nothing to bring me Closer to Marina, it appears I was somewhat wrong. The wheels have been grinding towards movement even in the most unnoticeable manner. The letters I sent to the Governor, the phone calls I made in order to find out I missed seeing the governor, (inadvertently getting to know his staff) and then the day came when the phone call came with it. We were to meet with the Governor that afternoon. For the first time in our lives my husband and I were on time. It is hard to impress your entire life's needs in a five minute span while trying to explain to a man of importance that his own broken life has a purpose beyond what he could imagine. That is where the holy spirit takes the lead. And I have to trust that enough was said to release those points into the air of conversation. In 6 1/2 years the Governor of SC has not pardoned anyone. But he said he would be willing to re-evaluate his position on this fact, based on his own life's activities of late. I felt bad for him and I so want him to know that in time this will make him a new creature with a clarity on hope that is deeper than his wildest imagination. But only God can take the two thorns of wrong and allow for a lesson on love. I breathlessly await the day we know for sure what he decides...but we got a most encouraging letter that was short and to the point that he would look into our request...and then handwritten in the bottom was one sentence..." I was impressed with both of you" Wow. God shone through if that was Sanfords handwritten opinion of us. That was ultimately God's plan all along--for He knows the plans he has for us, not to harm us but to give us hope and a future. I am humbled that it was not thwarted by my own bullish efforts to take the reins.

As for Marina, she has been transferred to an institution but I am told that is ok for the moment and it will be easier to gather her into our world. I know it motivates me to get busy on her paperwork-I took a hiatus from it after spending 8 hours organizing it. Tully's heart is beginning to awaken to her coming again. I know he had shut down on the dauting fact that we had alot of hurdles to overcome. And he had shut her out because it is painful to entertain losing another child, even if it is one you have never had. But he is working harder on the playground he is building and mentions how he has made consessions for a ramp if the ladder is too much for Marina. Hope has a voice now even if it is small.

The other moving motivator is that the Ukrainian State Department of Adoption will close down in November for a 3 month holiday. If they do not have the dossier in October it could easily be february before we see her...and she will be 5 and she will have lived in an institution for way too long. So today I reassess our paperwork and see if I cannot align a few paper stars. Just in case.

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  1. Praying for her and you! I find this international adoption stuff SOOOOO hard and confusing! I know the only way I am getting through it is with GODs hands guiding me!